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To tell if you need resurfacing, examine your driveway. Are many of the cracks more than a quarter inch wide? Are the cracks more than just surface deep? These are signs that you probably need driveway resurfacing. Driveway resurfacing can solve widespread damage without digging up the entire driveway and base. Resurfacing is when a new layer of asphalt is put down over the existing driveway. You end up with a flawless, jet-black driveway and your wallet is left intact as well. Resurfacing your driveway is a way to fix all low/sink spots, cracks and any light damage without having the costly expense of replacing the driveway entirely from scratch.

Why should you line stripe your commercial parking lot each year?

Why is it important to crack fill your driveway or parking lot?

Why sealcoat your asphalt?

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​When is the right time to resurface your driveway?

Effective crack filling keeps water from entering and weakening the base or sub-base. It helps preserve the pavement adjacent to the cracks; prevents sand, stone, and dirt from making its way into open cracks causing compressive stresses and extends pavement life by minimizing crack growth. Proper attention to cracks will prevent problems from spreading and double the life of the pavement. 

When is the right time to replace your driveway?

Nothing makes your business stand out more than a newly striped parking lot. It’s the first and last impression you leave with your customer and speaks volumes about the state of your business. A fresh looking parking lot with professional line striping gives the impression that you care about details. One of the biggest benefits of striping your parking lot is safety. When the lines in your parking lot don't exist, or are faded, there is no structure or guidance for your customers to know where to park. You will find visitors parking in places that block intersections, access to sidewalks, business entrances, exits and more. All of these things can result in vehicles needing to be towed, fire department issues, door dings, fender benders, and even accidents. These types of accidents almost always result in naming you and your company as the responsible party.

Sealcoating helps protect your asphalt by forming a protective shield guarding your pavement against all common causes of pavement deterioration. As the name implies, sealcoating provides a protective coat of sealer that acts as a weatherproof barrier against oxidation & deterioration.​ By maintaining your asphalt surface, you effectively help double its life span. A small investment now can save thousands. When you implement a pavement maintenance regimen early on, consisting of regular seal coating every 2 years, as well as routine crack filling, you help stop the most common causes of premature pavement failure. This results in having to re-pave less often and translates to dramatic savings in your pavement budget. You also help minimize liability risks and eliminate safety hazards. Sealcoating is the ultimate enhancement of your property. The sealer we apply restores the deep, dark, black as night color that looks even better than brand new pavement.

How old is the driveway? The age of your driveway is an easy way to diagnose the problem. If your driveway is 10-15 years old, it’s time to replace it. Driveways that old almost certainly have rotten foundations that need to be replaced. However, even newer driveways can have bad foundations. After several years of rain, snow, and thousands of tons worth of cars driving over it, foundations can start to wear. Another way to diagnose a bad foundation is if the asphalt isn’t flat. If it’s wavy or buckling, then the foundation isn’t solid in places. Along with being unattractive, this is a problem that can’t be fixed without professional help. It also means that small repairs to the asphalt won’t last in the long term. When replacing a driveway, the asphalt is removed and then the whole foundation is dug up and remade. Remaking the foundation is the important and more expensive part of driveway replacement. You can go years filling in cracks here, patching holes there, even resurfacing the whole driveway. But if the foundation is bad, all your work will be in vain and these problems will return each year and the driveway will always be riddled with problems.